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Posted Date: 2013-01-29 21:38:38



A)   A Foreigner may import household goods and personal effect into Thailand duty free under the following conditions:

                1. He or she has diplomatic status or hold a valid one-year Thai work permit.

                2. His or Her goods enter Thailand within 6 months of his or her entry.

                3. His or her goods are from the country where he/she lived previously for 1 year.

       If the above criteria are met, only one sea and one air shipment are permitted duty free, and the shipper can only one each of any electrical appliance duty free.

B)    A returning Thai national may import his or her household goods and personal effect into Thailand duty free, so long as he/she can prove residence aboard for over 1 year continuously and the goods are coming from the country where he/her has been living. Again, only one air and one sea shipment are permitted duty free, and one each of any electrical appliance duty free.

C)    All other foreigners and returning Thais, who do not meet the above criteria, may import household goods and personal effect into Thailand, but they will be subject to duty. The duty amount varies and is often subject to negotiation with the customs department. Seabra will work with the shipper and he/she company to minimize any duty liability.

D)   While the shipper does not have to be physically present at the port or airport during customs clearance, we must present his/her original passport and original one-year work permit (or diplomatic certificate) to the Thai Authorities at the time of clearance. Thus, he/she must be in Thailand for the shipment to clear through customs. A returning Thai national must present both his/her current passport and his/her previously expired passport.


Goods prohibited form entering Thailand include firearms, ammunition, pomographic material, and short wave radios.


A)   Only a diplomat may import a vehicle into Thailand duty free. He or she must obtain a litter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs verifying his/her status and requesting that customs permit duty free import.

B)    For all other foreigners and returning Thai national, it is almost impossible to import a vehicle into Thailand. The procedures for a non-diplomat a vehicle into Thailand are consuming and tedious, and the duty assessed can be as high as 300% of the new purchase value of the car.


A)   Most pets, including dogs, cat and birds, can be brought into Thailand with no quarantine period required. The documents necessary at the time of import are a current health certificate (not more than 7 day old) and a current vaccination card.

B)    If pet are sent as cargo, duty will be assessed at roughly USD 400.00 per animal, though this may vary depending upon the type and size of the pet. If the pets are brought as excess baggage, no duty is normally assessed.